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Resolute Solar specializes in the design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of solar pv systems.

Now, we bring that expertise to Calgary home owners who want clean energy by providing you with the most innovative and economical solar solutions.



Consistency and Accountability


Innovation and Quality


Commitment to Safety


Respect for our Clients and our Environment


To build a future for widespread clean and renewable energy, starting with household solar systems.

Your home is the baseline level in the energy chain. Getting a solar system helps cut into the considerable energy consumption of our city. Collectively, those who switch to solar will help lower GHG emissions and combat climate change.

Together with our clients we will contribute to the Alberta target for 30% generation coming from renewables by 2030.

Advantages of Going Solar


Reduce Your Electricity Bills


Increase Your Property Value (Up to $20K)


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Make a Social Impact by Supporting Green Energy


The Process Of Installing A Solar System:


We do a site shading analysis and review your past electricity bills. You get a report for a customized solar system, including cost and future financial savings.


Approve & Schedule

You approve the installation contract. We get an electrical permit and outline the install and commissioning schedule.

System Installation

We setup the racking on your roof, the panels, inverter, and all other equipment needed for the solar system.


We have a wire service provider install a bi-directional meter that is connected to the grid, so you can use the solar energy.

Start Clean Energy Usage

You start immediately saving on your electricity bill, and we monitor the ongoing performance of your solar system.

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