Energy Consumption in Canada

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Canada Key Statistics

Total Capacity in MW (2016):


Total Generation in GW.h (2016):


Total Solar Capacity in MW (2016):

~2300 (6.1%)

Total Solar Generation in GW.h (2016):

~3500 (0.5%)

GHG Generation Intensity:

140g GHG/

Monthly Residential Bill for 1000


Alberta Key Statistics

Total Capacity in MW:

~17,000 (11% of Canada’s Total Capacity)

Total Generation in

~82,000 (13% of Canada’s Total Generation)

Total Solar Capacity:

~9MW (Negligible)

(All stats from 2016)

GHG Generation Intensity:


Highest in Canada due to approximately 50% of power generation coming from coal power plants.

Alberta’s Plans for Electricity Generation Mix by 2030